injen world intake


After a few sleepless nights, Injen engineers started considering incorporating a venturi type tube along the path of an intake tract to help Regulate the airflow at strategic points to maintain proper closed loop operation and air-fuel ratios. This tube would help Reduces turbulence at the MAF sensor. The Air Fusion tube also allows us to control the flow rate to the mass air flow sensor, the airspeed, and the resultant pressure. The Injen engineers were then able to maintain the desired temperature of the "hot wire" located inside the mass air flow sensor without the use of external electronics.

Along with controlling the air/fuel ratio, Injen also needed a way to control short term and long term fuel trim levels. Short term fuel trim levels refer to adjustments being made in response to temporary conditions. Long Term fuel trim levels compensate for issues that arise over a longer time period. Fuel trims are expressed in percentages and can be monitored by accessing the ECM through the OBD II data port. A positive value indicates lean conditions (add fuel) and negative values indicate rich conditions (subtract fuel). Evaluating this data during the R&D process allows our technicians to properly fit and tune Injen's Air Fusion device if needed. With the birth of the air fusion tube, we here Injen now had a method to tune the air/fuel ratio for optimum power built directly into the Injen technology air intake systems!

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