How do I check if my car qualifies for a CARB sticker and how do I apply for one?

For full instrcutions on applying for a CARB sticker please click here

My Check Engine Light has come on.

There are a few steps you need to go through to determine the nature of the problem:

1. Determine how long it took for the check engine light to come on after you've installed your Injen Cold Air Intake? If it has been awhile then it may be something unrelated to your intake.

2. Find out your vehicle's CEL code (using a diagnostic tool) and email it - along with photos of the intake installed - to tech@injen.com

My engine is running rough. What do I do?

How long has the vehicle been running rough since the intake install?

1. If the answer is immediately, then find your Installation directions and double check the installation for leaks, and make sure that it was installed correctly.

2. If the install was performed correctly, you'll need to confirm the year, make, model and part number purchased to ensure that you have the right part.

3. If all of this checks out, and your intake has been in use for some time, then you'll need to clean the MAF sensor.

4. If you need more help please email a discription of your problem along with photos of the part in stalled to tech@injen.com to determine any future steps you may need to take.

My intake doesn't fit. What do I do?

1. Double check that you have purchased the correct intake for your vehicle by confirming the make, model and year of your vehicle along with the product number of the intake.

2. Once that is verified, take pictures of the engine bay of your vehicle, and especially any areas where the parts don't fit, and forward them to tech@injen.com. From there, we will be able to assess your situation and provide you with an appropriate solution.

*All Injen products are designed with the use of original OEM components and/or Injen-branded components. Injen does not guarantee fitment with use of other brands or modified parts.

I have broken brackets, damage to intake pipe or a broken filter. How do I activate my warranty?

1. Verify that the Injen part was installed correctly.

2. Photograph the engine bay of your vehicle with the part installed, and send those pictures to tech@injen.com. Please include any damage to the filter.

*The Injen Warranty does not cover installation errors. We will replace the part if installation was correct, or if there was a manufacturer's defect in the product.
*The Injen Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, so please provide your proof of purchase.

I don’t see my vehicle year listed as part of a current application

If the year or the engine type is not listed as part of the application, Injen does NOT recommend installing any Injen-branded products until Injen verifies fitment and proper engine function.

If a customer installs an Injen-branded product on an unsupported/unverified vehicle application, all warranty is voided and Injen is not responsible for any damage to vehicle or engine failure.

Will the Injen products fit with other manufacturers products?

All Injen products are designed with the use of original OEM components and/or Injen-branded components. Injen does not guarantee fitment with use of other brands or modified parts.

Do I need to tune/retune my car to install an Injen intake system?

Injen intakes are tuned specifically for each specifc engine. An aftermarket tune is not required.

Is it safe to drive my car in rain with a cold air intake system?

Injen Technology Ram / Cold Air Intake Systems should be removed in wet climate conditions.

Failure to do so may cause water to be absorbed into the engine through the Intake System causing serious engine failure. Injen Technology assumes no liability for damages to your engine due to water entering your vehicle's system.

What is a DTC CEL?

A DTC CEL stands for Diagnostic Trouble Code Check Engine Light. A DTC can be obtained by using a diagnostic tool. This code can be useful for trouble-shooting engine emissions and performance issues.

Is my intake CARB legal?

Click on this link to verify if your intake is CARB legal: http://www.injen2017.com/carb-listing

How do I obtain a CARB E.O. Decal?

Click on this link to obtain a CARB E.O. decal: http://www.injen2017.com/carb-listing

Will my Injen intake be louder compared to the factory intake system?

The OEM intake system consists of resonators and ducts that act like mufflers that help suppress sound levels. These components also restrict the OEM intake system.

The Injen intake system is a free-flow design, which will reduce restrictions, thus increasing horsepower and torque...and likely sound as well.

What is the efficiency of the your filters? How many Microns?

Injen SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filters are our custom-designed to filter out finer dirt and dust particles at a 99.53% efficiency rate.

For diesel engines, Injen filters remove 5 times more dust than traditional (paper) filter media, and 50 times more dust than a wet gauze air filter.

Injen dyno tests provide evidence that we are able to achieve such filtration, while also improving a vehicle's horsepower and torque!

Below are some additional features of Injen Super Nano Web Dry Air Filters:

- Replaces any factory air filter
- Clean by reversing air flow – use a shop vac or compressor w/ 35 psi
- Features built-in velocity stack adapter for even better performance
- Revolutionary synthetic nano-fiber filter media stops more dirt than other filters
- Guaranteed for 4 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first)
- Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
- Oil-free design makes cleaning a cinch and provides better filtration
- Better filtration means better airflow, which means more horsepower and torque
- Made in the USA

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