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This air filter is a major breakthrough in air filtration technology. It features a revolutionary synthetic nanofiber filter media that increases airflow, while capturing and holding more dirt than conventional air filters. it never needs oiling and guaranteed for 4 years or 100k miles, whichever comes first.

  • A Built in Velocity Stack, This smooth transition on the inside neck of your filter eliminates air turbulence and streamlines the filtered air efficiently into the intake tract.
  • The Dry filter is easily cleaned with a shop vac or low pressure air and does not require oiling after cleaning.
  • Longer service intervals and more horsepower compared to custom air intakes with cotton gauze. Injens filters improve engine performance and help them last longer.
  • Injen’s Air Filters increase airflow more than filters that use cellulose media alone. Cellulose fibers are larger than nanofibers, and have larger spaces between the fibers, causing contaminants to load in the depth of the media and plug the airflow path, which results in higher restriction and less capacity.


The illustration gives us a better understanding of how velocity and pressure work together: an increase of air velocity (B) decreases air pressure and a decrease in air velocity (A) and (C) increases air pressure. The same is true, all things being equal: the volume of air in chambers (A) would be equal to that in chamber (C) as air travels at a greater speed in the mid-section (B).  


The synthetic nano-fibers in our SuperNano-Web® Dry Filter media have sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces, which result in more contaminants being captured on the surface of the media for easy maintenance and lower restriction.Injen's MR Technology and Air Fusion working together
MR TECHNOLOGY patent numbers 7,669,571 and 7,359,795


Our Super-Nano Web Filters Come With An Injen Logo Embossed On The Automotive Grade Urethane Or Inertia Top

Be sure to look for the “Injen” logo somewhere on your dry Super-Nano Web filter. These filters are dry and do not require a cleaner or oil re-charger kit. Do NOT OIL our Super-Nano Dry filters. This superior filter is a surface loading filter, to clean them, you simply reverse the air flow. Use 35 psi air pressure and blow your filter out from the inside. Another way to clean the Injen filter is to use a common house-hold shop vacuum with a wand adapter and simply clean the surface of the filter. You will see all the loose contaminants come right off, you may also notice normal discoloration over time. Another Injen feature on the Super-Nano Web filter is, the built in Velocity Stack Adapter, that streamlines the filtered air efficiently into the intake tract. If you will place your hand inside the mouth of the filter you will feel a smooth transition on the inside neck of your filter, this eliminates air turbulence.


injen world intake

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